Expert Tips on how to use Hashtags on Facebook in the Travel & Tourism Industry

Social media and hashtags have done wonders for the travel and tourism industry.  It is known knowledge that people take the most photos when they are travelling and on holiday and in turn making social media the fastest and easiest way to share their experiences with friends and family.  Hashtags are simply a way of identifying a word or phrase in a post and making it searchable.  If a business is smart they will use this to their advantage by taking note of the following tips in their social media campaigns!
Firstly, it is important to note that Hashtags on Facebook have not yet caught on like they have on other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter therefore it is important that businesses know how to use them appropriately on each platform.  Social media sites are joining together to make it easier to share information between them.  Hashtags should be streamlined on each platform so that when people filter that particular hashtag they will come across all relevant conversation.  However, although cross social platform branding is important for making posts more searchable it is also important to know the most effective way to use hashtags on each platform.  For example, on Twitter and Instagram it is recommended to use as many relevant hashtags as possible whereas on Facebook you should narrow this down to only one or two of the most specific hashtags.  Defining what it is the business wants to achieve can help you to determine the most specific hashtags to use.
It is recommended that businesses create industry specific hashtags.  Researching trending hashtags can be a good way to find out the most popular tags being used on social media.  You can also do a simple hashtag search via the Facebook graph search to check out if people are using it.  In regards to travel and tourism hashtags I found the following to be the most popular:
  • #travel  (3,655,041)
  • #instatravel  (1,021,163)
  • #travelgram  ( 1,444,710)
  • #tourist  (877,896)
  • #tourism  (694,111)
  • #vacation  (3,475,528)
  • #traveling  (1,056,936)

Being involved in pageants this year means that I have been lucky enough to travel to a number of different countries.  Personally this has been the biggest indicator to me that Hashtags have become a powerful marketing tool as all our sponsors requested us to do in return was to Hashtag our posts and photos on social media using their prescribed hashtags.  These hashtags were generally any relevant words to do with the industry along with their brand name (or catch phrase), for example #flyPAL (Fly Philippine Airlines) and #itsmorefuninthephilippines.

The whole point of social media is to share information.  If you really want to make an impact with your social media marketing, sharing other people’s great content is the way to do it.  The layout of your posts also have an impact on how well you communicate with your audience.  To get the most effective and clean layout simply leave the links and hashtags till the end of the post.  This not only makes it look tidier but also makes the post a lot easier to read.
Today we don’t really have a choice on whether we DO social media – the question is how well we DO it!