Keeping up to date with your Social Media Strategy

It is evident that up till now the general rule in most successful social media campaigns has been to gain as many followers as possible however, although this is still important there are a few things to keep in mind. 


Firstly, it is important to know that social media is terrible at reliable reach and although we may have 1000 followers on any social platform we will probably only be communicating with not even a quarter of these.  With each user getting on average 1500 pieces of content each time they visit their Facebook page it is hard for any one brand to be noticed.  The majority of people would prefer to not to have branding flashed in their face but it is tolerated in social media because without it we would not have the free access that we do.


Generally speaking the technique of getting as many followers as possible has been referred to as the ‘rifle’ method but research shows that a new method called the ‘shot gun’ method is key in modern social media.  The shot gun method consists of focusing on a smaller number of followers and getting them to follow you on more than one platform such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.   The idea is that there is a higher chance of the brand message being communicated and seen by the target audience on any one of these sites.  In somewhere like the travel and tourism industry which has a large target audience gaining a high reach is very important to be able to be communicating the brand, special deals and holiday destinations on a regular basis.



Although this is the opposite of what general social media is all about in terms of gaining as many followers as possible it is important to keep an eye on your reliable social media reach and how many people you are actually communicating with.  It is great to have numerous followers but if these followers are not getting the information then the marketing strategy is technically useless.


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