Social media is all about being able to create and share information and virtually interact with people all around the world.

How To Create Great Content?

It is really quite simple. Focus on giving people what they want – people are always interested in anything that can benefit them in some way! 7 great ideas on what people love to read about that make great content for your blog.

  1. A list of links to great tools
  2. A recent unusual experience
  3. A list of iconic people, places, articles.
  4. A breakthrough principle or tactic
  5. Answers to common questions
  6. A controversial opinion or observation
  7. A “how to” on something

The more personal and original you can make your content the more likely it is that people will love your blog! I personally have found that #7 (making “how to” blogs) has proven to be a great success.

Re-purposing Your Content for Serious Social Media Attention!

Sometimes it is not enough to simply share your blog post with your immediate Twitter and Facebook connections. The following sites have proven themselves to be great tools when it comes to getting maximum social media attention.

#1. Turn your blog post in to a VIDEO. This can even be a simple slideshow. Then share on and

#2. Convert your blog post in to a PDF file. Then share on and

Since the installation of the Facebook ‘LIKE’ button there have been proven statistics to show just how much more getting ‘likes’ can boost your social media traffic! Check out these results:

-> – Facebook DOUBLING since implementing the Like button social plugin. -> – Facebook up 250% since installing the button.

->, the e-commerce site for kid’s clothes uses the Like button to let users vote on which items get selected for promotional sales. Traffic rose 300%, and sales MULTIPLIED 10X when the most voted for items (receiving 30Kvotes) went on sale.

Comment below and let us know how you got on!

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