As a social media user have you noticed yourself spending more and more time on social media platforms?  You are not alone.  We can see from the ever growing Social Media Statistics 2014 that more and more people are using some form of social media – with more than 2 users signing up for a Linkedin account every second and B2B marketers experiencing a 67% growth in their leads when utilising a blog – it is no wonder why so many are  wanting to be apart of these growing networks.


When it comes to using social media the possibilities are endless.  The world is literally at our finger tips and getting in touch with people who may previously have been non-contactable (such as celebrities and CEO’s) can now typically now be found at the click of a button.  Social Media is changing the way we interact and communicate with each other and in turn changing the way in which we do business.  This communication with clients, customers and other businesses via social media outlets has both positive and negative effects.  Here I have managed to narrow down 4 simple guidelines to be aware of in order to benefit from using social media and avoid the negative side effects you may already be experiencing.

1.  MONITOR YOUR TIME.  Ever wonder where the time has gone while posting statuses, replying to comments or even just browsing?  Be sure to monitor your time on social media so that it is not interfering with the time you should be spending elsewhere.  Depending on the return you are actually getting from social media, allocate an appropriate amount of time each day which can be spent keeping your accounts up to date.  It can be easy to want to constantly check for updates throughout the day so by having a set time aside to deal with all of the notifications at once can help to keep your priorities and your focus in check.

2.  MAINTAIN REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS.  Stand up, take a step back from the computer screen and engage in some real life conversation.  With such high speed networking, constant updates and conversation/opinions from all walks of life it can be easy to get lost in the online world and be overwhelmed with information.

6a0133f3a4072c970b0154346ac951970c-500wiThis is one of the downsides to over using social media as often users can lose sight of reality and over estimate the relationships they may or may not have in real life.  Discussing issues and having real life conversation can help to keep everything in perspective so be sure to have face to face relationships and avoid always communicating via emails, phone calls or social media.

3.  DON’T COMPARE.  It is easy to feel as though we can’t compete when comparing online activity with other businesses.  Sure, it is a good idea to browse similar sites for inspiration but it is important to remember that social media isn’t a place where you can rush in and start posting a whole lot of information at once and expect to receive a large following straight away – it takes a lot of time to build up interest.  Remember your business is unique and to keep your own online content original and interesting instead of focusing on what the competition are doing and slowly but surely people will gain interest in what your business has to say and begin to engage in your site creating awareness of your business to other users.

4.  MAKE A PLAN.   Its all about strategy!  Having a clear and detailed plan of how your business is going to reach its main goals and objectives is the first step to success.  However this plan is worthless if you are the only one who knows about it.


Be sure to share the plan throughout the company and streamline processes so that everyone is working towards the same goal.  When it comes to social media it is best to figure out which platforms will be beneficial to the business and to utilise those, then to next identify the best measurable objectives and to work from there!

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