Headline Keyword Cheat Sheet

When used correctly, consumers find these words irresistible. Most great headlines will incorporate at least one of these words (or a related theme).

Inside Information: Secrets, Tricks, Confidential, Tips, Cheat, Sneaky, Expert, Serious, Professional, Unlock, Master, Skiil, Revealing, Bible

Smart Advice: Clever, Brilliant, Expert, How To, Learn, Practical, Start, Important, Plan, Shrewd

Answers to Questions: Why, How, When, What, Who, Facts, How Much, Reasons

Cost & Value, Free: Bargain, Discount, [x] Off, Save, Savings, Earn, Sale, Cost, Buy, Budget, Cheap, Give, Get, Offer, Gain, Gift, Take, Lowest, Only, Complimentary, Refund, Rebate, Extra, Bonus, Plus

Urgency & Time: Only, Limited, Expires, Earlybird, Hurry, Time, Rush, Urgent, Today, Before, Fast, Faster, Accelerate, Immediately, Instant, Never, Quick, Lifetime, Direct, Sudden, Last, Last Minute, Snappy

Exclusivity: Exclusive, Invitation, Personalized, Custom, Private, Selected, Confidential

Events & Contests: Extravaganza, Bonanza, Celebration, Event, Sale, Sweepstakes, Giveaway, Win

Surprise & Delight: Exciting, Amazing, Unreal, Stunning, Phenomenal, Incredible, Mind Blowing, Awesome, Unbelievable, Insane, Crazy, Fascinating, Magic, Miracle, Interesting, Sensational, Surprise, Wonderful, Cool, Hot, Impossible, Beautiful, Startling, Jaw-Dropping

New & Unusual: Fresh, Strange, Creative, Innovative, Now, Weird, Announcing, Breakthrough, At Last, Introducing, Odd, Latest, Unique, Unusual, Rare, First, Explore, Find, Discover

Shock & Awe: Dangerous, Ridiculous, Killer, Explosive, Dynamite, Shocking, Unbelievable, Drastically, Outrageous

Size & Strength: Mega, Powerful, Extremely, Tremendous, Huge, Massive, Monster, Humongous, Gigantic, Exceptional, Strong(er), Mammoth, Colossal

Quantity: Additional, More, Unlimited, Complete, Full, Maximum, Everything, Enormous

Best of Breed: Perfect, Utlimate, Top, Ever, Absolute, Essential, Biggest, Most, Outstanding, Superior, Best, Coolest, Hottest, Fastest, Quickest, Easiest, Greatest, Cheapest, Lowest, Smallest, Highest

The Real Deal: Authentic, Genuine, Real, Honest, True, Unconditional, Natural

Effectiveness: Guaranteed, Proven, Results, Safe, Successful, Tested, Profitable, Reliable, Trusted

Ease & Simplicity: Easy, Easier, Easiest, Simple, Effortless, Breeze, Automatic, Simplify

Temptations: Sexy, Imagine, Dreams, Opportunity, Wealth, Money, Cash, Fortune, Win, Exploit, Willpower, Attractive, Beautiful, Lavish, Famous, Popular, Celebrity, Irresistible

Power Verbs: Love, Believe, Gain, Boost, Grow, Increase, Accelerate, Cut, Protect, Create, Drive, Fuel, Overcome, Unleash

Things to Avoid: Dumbest, Worst, Hate, Painstaking, Excruciating, Fail, Death, Bad, Wrong, No, Warning, Caution, Mistakes, Stop, Avoid, Eliminate, Prevent

Affirmations: Yes, Absolutely, Victory, Approved

Fun & Creative: Zinger, Ca-ching!, Zip, Zilch, Booyah!, Hocus Pocus, Ginormous, Woof, Phbbbt…, Phooey, Ugh, Fuhgeddaboudit, lolz, #hashtag


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