Headline Keyword Cheat Sheet

When used correctly, consumers find these words irresistible. Most great headlines will incorporate at least one of these words (or a related theme).

Inside Information: Secrets, Tricks, Confidential, Tips, Cheat, Sneaky, Expert, Serious, Professional, Unlock, Master, Skiil, Revealing, Bible

Smart Advice: Clever, Brilliant, Expert, How To, Learn, Practical, Start, Important, Plan, Shrewd

Answers to Questions: Why, How, When, What, Who, Facts, How Much, Reasons

Cost & Value, Free: Bargain, Discount, [x] Off, Save, Savings, Earn, Sale, Cost, Buy, Budget, Cheap, Give, Get, Offer, Gain, Gift, Take, Lowest, Only, Complimentary, Refund, Rebate, Extra, Bonus, Plus

Urgency & Time: Only, Limited, Expires, Earlybird, Hurry, Time, Rush, Urgent, Today, Before, Fast, Faster, Accelerate, Immediately, Instant, Never, Quick, Lifetime, Direct, Sudden, Last, Last Minute, Snappy

Exclusivity: Exclusive, Invitation, Personalized, Custom, Private, Selected, Confidential

Events & Contests: Extravaganza, Bonanza, Celebration, Event, Sale, Sweepstakes, Giveaway, Win

Surprise & Delight: Exciting, Amazing, Unreal, Stunning, Phenomenal, Incredible, Mind Blowing, Awesome, Unbelievable, Insane, Crazy, Fascinating, Magic, Miracle, Interesting, Sensational, Surprise, Wonderful, Cool, Hot, Impossible, Beautiful, Startling, Jaw-Dropping

New & Unusual: Fresh, Strange, Creative, Innovative, Now, Weird, Announcing, Breakthrough, At Last, Introducing, Odd, Latest, Unique, Unusual, Rare, First, Explore, Find, Discover

Shock & Awe: Dangerous, Ridiculous, Killer, Explosive, Dynamite, Shocking, Unbelievable, Drastically, Outrageous

Size & Strength: Mega, Powerful, Extremely, Tremendous, Huge, Massive, Monster, Humongous, Gigantic, Exceptional, Strong(er), Mammoth, Colossal

Quantity: Additional, More, Unlimited, Complete, Full, Maximum, Everything, Enormous

Best of Breed: Perfect, Utlimate, Top, Ever, Absolute, Essential, Biggest, Most, Outstanding, Superior, Best, Coolest, Hottest, Fastest, Quickest, Easiest, Greatest, Cheapest, Lowest, Smallest, Highest

The Real Deal: Authentic, Genuine, Real, Honest, True, Unconditional, Natural

Effectiveness: Guaranteed, Proven, Results, Safe, Successful, Tested, Profitable, Reliable, Trusted

Ease & Simplicity: Easy, Easier, Easiest, Simple, Effortless, Breeze, Automatic, Simplify

Temptations: Sexy, Imagine, Dreams, Opportunity, Wealth, Money, Cash, Fortune, Win, Exploit, Willpower, Attractive, Beautiful, Lavish, Famous, Popular, Celebrity, Irresistible

Power Verbs: Love, Believe, Gain, Boost, Grow, Increase, Accelerate, Cut, Protect, Create, Drive, Fuel, Overcome, Unleash

Things to Avoid: Dumbest, Worst, Hate, Painstaking, Excruciating, Fail, Death, Bad, Wrong, No, Warning, Caution, Mistakes, Stop, Avoid, Eliminate, Prevent

Affirmations: Yes, Absolutely, Victory, Approved

Fun & Creative: Zinger, Ca-ching!, Zip, Zilch, Booyah!, Hocus Pocus, Ginormous, Woof, Phbbbt…, Phooey, Ugh, Fuhgeddaboudit, lolz, #hashtag



As a social media user have you noticed yourself spending more and more time on social media platforms?  You are not alone.  We can see from the ever growing Social Media Statistics 2014 that more and more people are using some form of social media – with more than 2 users signing up for a Linkedin account every second and B2B marketers experiencing a 67% growth in their leads when utilising a blog – it is no wonder why so many are  wanting to be apart of these growing networks.


When it comes to using social media the possibilities are endless.  The world is literally at our finger tips and getting in touch with people who may previously have been non-contactable (such as celebrities and CEO’s) can now typically now be found at the click of a button.  Social Media is changing the way we interact and communicate with each other and in turn changing the way in which we do business.  This communication with clients, customers and other businesses via social media outlets has both positive and negative effects.  Here I have managed to narrow down 4 simple guidelines to be aware of in order to benefit from using social media and avoid the negative side effects you may already be experiencing.

1.  MONITOR YOUR TIME.  Ever wonder where the time has gone while posting statuses, replying to comments or even just browsing?  Be sure to monitor your time on social media so that it is not interfering with the time you should be spending elsewhere.  Depending on the return you are actually getting from social media, allocate an appropriate amount of time each day which can be spent keeping your accounts up to date.  It can be easy to want to constantly check for updates throughout the day so by having a set time aside to deal with all of the notifications at once can help to keep your priorities and your focus in check.

2.  MAINTAIN REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS.  Stand up, take a step back from the computer screen and engage in some real life conversation.  With such high speed networking, constant updates and conversation/opinions from all walks of life it can be easy to get lost in the online world and be overwhelmed with information.

6a0133f3a4072c970b0154346ac951970c-500wiThis is one of the downsides to over using social media as often users can lose sight of reality and over estimate the relationships they may or may not have in real life.  Discussing issues and having real life conversation can help to keep everything in perspective so be sure to have face to face relationships and avoid always communicating via emails, phone calls or social media.

3.  DON’T COMPARE.  It is easy to feel as though we can’t compete when comparing online activity with other businesses.  Sure, it is a good idea to browse similar sites for inspiration but it is important to remember that social media isn’t a place where you can rush in and start posting a whole lot of information at once and expect to receive a large following straight away – it takes a lot of time to build up interest.  Remember your business is unique and to keep your own online content original and interesting instead of focusing on what the competition are doing and slowly but surely people will gain interest in what your business has to say and begin to engage in your site creating awareness of your business to other users.

4.  MAKE A PLAN.   Its all about strategy!  Having a clear and detailed plan of how your business is going to reach its main goals and objectives is the first step to success.  However this plan is worthless if you are the only one who knows about it.


Be sure to share the plan throughout the company and streamline processes so that everyone is working towards the same goal.  When it comes to social media it is best to figure out which platforms will be beneficial to the business and to utilise those, then to next identify the best measurable objectives and to work from there!

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Social media is all about being able to create and share information and virtually interact with people all around the world.

How To Create Great Content?

It is really quite simple. Focus on giving people what they want – people are always interested in anything that can benefit them in some way! 7 great ideas on what people love to read about that make great content for your blog.

  1. A list of links to great tools
  2. A recent unusual experience
  3. A list of iconic people, places, articles.
  4. A breakthrough principle or tactic
  5. Answers to common questions
  6. A controversial opinion or observation
  7. A “how to” on something

The more personal and original you can make your content the more likely it is that people will love your blog! I personally have found that #7 (making “how to” blogs) has proven to be a great success.

Re-purposing Your Content for Serious Social Media Attention!

Sometimes it is not enough to simply share your blog post with your immediate Twitter and Facebook connections. The following sites have proven themselves to be great tools when it comes to getting maximum social media attention.

#1. Turn your blog post in to a VIDEO. This can even be a simple slideshow. Then share on www.SlideShare.net and http://www.MyVideoUploader.com

#2. Convert your blog post in to a PDF file. Then share on http://www.Scribd.com and http://www.DocStoc.com

Since the installation of the Facebook ‘LIKE’ button there have been proven statistics to show just how much more getting ‘likes’ can boost your social media traffic! Check out these results:

-> IMDB.com – Facebook DOUBLING since implementing the Like button social plugin. -> ABCnews.com – Facebook up 250% since installing the button.

-> TeaCollection.com, the e-commerce site for kid’s clothes uses the Like button to let users vote on which items get selected for promotional sales. Traffic rose 300%, and sales MULTIPLIED 10X when the most voted for items (receiving 30Kvotes) went on sale.

Comment below and let us know how you got on!

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Your TOP 4 Social Media Search Tools

Want to find out what is trending in your specific industry on social media as well as get some great insights in to what people are talking about? Look no further – these search tools are sure to point you in the right direction!

These tools can be useful especially in large industries like travel and tourism.  By using the following tools you will be able to discover what current hot-spots are trending as well as what the travellers and tourists may be raving about online.

  1. Social Searcher
  2. Google advanced search
  3. UVRX
  4. Bottlenose

Perfect for doing a quick search through the following social media sites all at once.  The Social Searcher is a free search engine.  It allows you to search for information in social networks in real-time and can give deep analytics data.  People can use this search engine without having to log in and are able to see any publicly posted information on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  It is possible to save searches as well as set up email alerts. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.43.15 am


Knowing how to use simple search terms can help to filter information and save you time having to sort through it all yourself.   Helpful search term to use in google:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.57.29 amScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.58.43 am   Helpful search term to use on twitter: Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.54.43 am

  1. UVRX Social Search

This search tool is great for customizing the social media platforms that you wish to search at one time. Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc.  This search engine is known as being the most comprehensive online file storage system. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.05.06 pm


This is a social dashboard that gives you the current trending topics across all social media. For this one you will need to set up an account before you can use it.  It enables you to pinpoint surging trends as they’re happening, without ever needing to know where to look for them. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.23.08 pm

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Keeping up to date with your Social Media Strategy

It is evident that up till now the general rule in most successful social media campaigns has been to gain as many followers as possible however, although this is still important there are a few things to keep in mind. 


Firstly, it is important to know that social media is terrible at reliable reach and although we may have 1000 followers on any social platform we will probably only be communicating with not even a quarter of these.  With each user getting on average 1500 pieces of content each time they visit their Facebook page it is hard for any one brand to be noticed.  The majority of people would prefer to not to have branding flashed in their face but it is tolerated in social media because without it we would not have the free access that we do.


Generally speaking the technique of getting as many followers as possible has been referred to as the ‘rifle’ method but research shows that a new method called the ‘shot gun’ method is key in modern social media.  The shot gun method consists of focusing on a smaller number of followers and getting them to follow you on more than one platform such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.   The idea is that there is a higher chance of the brand message being communicated and seen by the target audience on any one of these sites.  In somewhere like the travel and tourism industry which has a large target audience gaining a high reach is very important to be able to be communicating the brand, special deals and holiday destinations on a regular basis.



Although this is the opposite of what general social media is all about in terms of gaining as many followers as possible it is important to keep an eye on your reliable social media reach and how many people you are actually communicating with.  It is great to have numerous followers but if these followers are not getting the information then the marketing strategy is technically useless.

Expert Tips on how to use Hashtags on Facebook in the Travel & Tourism Industry

Social media and hashtags have done wonders for the travel and tourism industry.  It is known knowledge that people take the most photos when they are travelling and on holiday and in turn making social media the fastest and easiest way to share their experiences with friends and family.  Hashtags are simply a way of identifying a word or phrase in a post and making it searchable.  If a business is smart they will use this to their advantage by taking note of the following tips in their social media campaigns!
Firstly, it is important to note that Hashtags on Facebook have not yet caught on like they have on other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter therefore it is important that businesses know how to use them appropriately on each platform.  Social media sites are joining together to make it easier to share information between them.  Hashtags should be streamlined on each platform so that when people filter that particular hashtag they will come across all relevant conversation.  However, although cross social platform branding is important for making posts more searchable it is also important to know the most effective way to use hashtags on each platform.  For example, on Twitter and Instagram it is recommended to use as many relevant hashtags as possible whereas on Facebook you should narrow this down to only one or two of the most specific hashtags.  Defining what it is the business wants to achieve can help you to determine the most specific hashtags to use.
It is recommended that businesses create industry specific hashtags.  Researching trending hashtags can be a good way to find out the most popular tags being used on social media.  You can also do a simple hashtag search via the Facebook graph search to check out if people are using it.  In regards to travel and tourism hashtags I found the following to be the most popular:
  • #travel  (3,655,041)
  • #instatravel  (1,021,163)
  • #travelgram  ( 1,444,710)
  • #tourist  (877,896)
  • #tourism  (694,111)
  • #vacation  (3,475,528)
  • #traveling  (1,056,936)

Being involved in pageants this year means that I have been lucky enough to travel to a number of different countries.  Personally this has been the biggest indicator to me that Hashtags have become a powerful marketing tool as all our sponsors requested us to do in return was to Hashtag our posts and photos on social media using their prescribed hashtags.  These hashtags were generally any relevant words to do with the industry along with their brand name (or catch phrase), for example #flyPAL (Fly Philippine Airlines) and #itsmorefuninthephilippines.

The whole point of social media is to share information.  If you really want to make an impact with your social media marketing, sharing other people’s great content is the way to do it.  The layout of your posts also have an impact on how well you communicate with your audience.  To get the most effective and clean layout simply leave the links and hashtags till the end of the post.  This not only makes it look tidier but also makes the post a lot easier to read.
Today we don’t really have a choice on whether we DO social media – the question is how well we DO it!